VIDEO: Dash Cam Captures Teen Pumpkin Roll Tradition

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CHAGRIN FALLS, Ohio-- Police dash camera video shows some of this year’s unsanctioned “Pumpkin Roll.”

For several decades, juniors and seniors from Chagrin Falls High School have staged the surprise event, smashing and rolling hundreds of pumpkins down Grove Hill as police watch helpless to stop it.

Pumpkins can be heard colliding with the police cruisers.

The teenagers are seen sledding down the slippery mess left in the road.

Lt. Amber Dacek says, however, that everything about the event is illegal, beginning with the fact that many of the pumpkins are stolen.

“They go into neighboring communities and sometimes in our's but it seems like in the past couple of years they have stopped stealing them around here and steal them from other communities,” says Dacek.

Police say they are usually given little, if any, advance notice.

They worry about the pumpkins damaging businesses, rolling into traffic, people getting injured, and underage drinking.

“Ideally we would love for it to stop happening but that’s going to take a community effort, not just the police,” said Dacek.

Many people in the community support the tradition. Dacek says some parents actually show up with their children.

“What we would have to do to stop it would be an issue for a lot of the members of this community as far as arresting all of these kids and towing vehicles and that would be an issue for a lot of people so it needs to be a community effort. The parents need to stop letting their kids do this. They need to not allow them to go out when they know this is going on,” said Dacek.

This year, 11 people were arrested for underage consumption. Police also issued a citation for the driver of the pickup truck who dumped pumpkins in the road. Two people were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries.

“It's a frustrating event for me because the police department takes a lot of, takes a beating from the side of the community that says why is this allowed to happen? And the problem is, it's difficult to shut down,” concluded Dacek.

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