Woman Injured Trying to Stop Teen Carjackers

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SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio-- Two teens are behind bars after leading police on a high speed chase.

According to Sheffield Lake Police Chief Tony Campo, it started around two p.m. on Monday. He said a woman left the keys in her car while she went inside Dave’s Vacuum Cleaner Repair Services.

Soon after, a male ran up to her car, got in, and drove away.

The victim tried to stop him, but ended up getting hurt in the process. The chief said she is okay; she just has some bumps and bruises.

The victim managed to call 911, and police quickly rushed to the area. They then started chasing after the teens; the pursuit lasted about five minutes.

“We were close by and observed the car actually leaving the area and we were able to chase it for a short distance until they wrecked and fled on foot,” said Chief Campo.

The boys ran into some woods and hid for a while before they were finally caught by police.

“The chase, the officers stayed back and didn’t pursue the vehicle very closely, didn’t try to keep up with it or maintain speed that the suspects were going because it was going way too fast,” he said.

N’Chanted Floral and Gift Boutique sits right around the corner from where the car was taken. One of the owners said she was surprised by the news.

“Why would these kids hurt a person for a car? I don’t know if it was drugs. I don’t know what it was. I’m not sure. I just feel sorry for the woman who got hurt,” said Cathleen Bobish.

Both teens are now facing charges of robbery, theft of a motor vehicle, vehicle assault, and felony fleeing.


  • 😄😊

    Was she charged with leaving her keys in the car? The whole incident could of been prevented, for some reason she felt that 5 seconds was too much time to use for taking the keys with her.

    • SoSueMe

      Yeah! Let’s blame the victim, not the low life thugs who carjacked the vehicle! It’s not their fault they’re theiving thugs! How dare that lady! /sarc

      • 😄😊

        The law is the law, so what I want people to follow the same ones I have to follow.
        The kids were caught, but how can someone acting stupid be considered a victim.

  • BasicCitzen

    There’s no law that says you cannot leave your keys in the car. however, taking a car that has the keys in it is against the law. Get your laws straight.

    Sounds like they need to bring a Bait Car to Cleveland. That will teach kids to respect other people’s property.

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