Facebook Post Fallout: Civil Rights Leaders Call for Teacher to be Fired

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AKRON--There is more fallout from a racist Facebook post written by a teacher at a local high school. Civil rights leaders are now calling for the school district to fire him.

For a story that aired just last week, FOX 8 recorded video of 51-year old Dr. David Spondike, as he taught his orchestra class at Firestone High School in Akron.

For now, Spondike is out of the classroom, facing the music for a controversial and racist Facebook post Sunday night that school officials say he has apologized for.
The posting was in response to trick-or-treaters apparently misbehaving near his home.

It says, in part, "I don't mind if you come to my neighborhood from the ghetto to trick or treat, but when you 'urinate' on the telephone pole in front of my front yard you can take your N-word rear-end back where it came from...I don't have anything against anyone of any color, but N-words, stay out."

"I said that is one of our prestigious high schools and you mean we have that kind of person in the music department there and they said this is what it is and this is what he said and when they repeated that, It was just like someone had put hot water on me," said Ophelia Averitt, president of the Akron chapter of the NAACP.

Averitt says members are gathering signatures on petitions, asking the Akron School District to remove Spondike from the classroom permanently.

"When you put things like that in the mind of young, old or otherwise, it's often not forgettable; it's a memorable thing; something that will take them through life and will say, I remember when. They don't need all of those derogatory things as they climb the ladder to success," she said.

For a second day, FOX 8 went to Spondike's home in Copley to get his side of the story. No one answered.

"When I heard about it, I was shocked, but I was not surprised," said Sheila Moore, who works with the NAACP, but says she also has a child at Firestone High School.

"I don't want any teacher teaching my kids who do not know how to communicate with kids, treat them fairly and be an example," said Moore.

"We just can never tolerate it anymore. Right now I would just burst with tears if I heard anybody using it," said Averitt.

School officials say Spondike will remain on paid leave until a hearing is held within a week.

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  • Arista Crat

    I don’t understand what the delay is, and why he is being paying while a decision is made?

    Paula Deen lost millions for using the same racial slur 15 years ago. Her case was yet to be decided… this dude let it all hang out on FB,

    1) Guilty
    2) Fired

  • john wayne

    Fox, please show more than 1 race of students and students who actually have him instead of skewing it towards an obvious audience.

    • Kevin

      very true statement, i like the part of where the black kid said that he didn’t grow up in the hood and that’s racist, but i bet that he acts like a thug or hood and also he probably calls his friends N word this & N word that, how come he is not getting in trouble for saying the racist word hmmmm.

  • Jim

    We desperately need a NAAWP !!!!!!! If he would have written “whittie”, “honky”, “white cracker”, ect., NOTHING BUT NOTHING would be said !!!

    • Kevin

      amazing you said that Jim, even tho racial slurs are said by black people all day long for years and they never got in trouble for it, but a white person says the N word that is said repeatedly even by kids in their everyday language, the whole black community gets in an uproar.
      Really… Not sure if your a black person, but if you are i bet you call all your friends N word this and N word that.

    • Kevin

      Very true statement. amazing how that works, but yet black people say there is no justice for them.. Yea right..

  • sonyday

    So I guess it’s all right too urinate on someones lawn as long as you’re black. Will we have to start handing the keys to our homes over to them also?

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