Stay or Go? Indians Fans Asked About Chief Wahoo Logo

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CLEVELAND– The Cleveland Indians are directly asking fans about the Chief Wahoo logo in an online survey that is circulating following the 2013 season.

The survey is used to provide the best fan experience possible and this isn’t the first time the team has asked fans about their opinion on the logo.

It’s been a few weeks since the Cleveland Indians were knocked out of the playoffs, but the Indians’ spirit is still alive and well around town.

“We love the Indians. We love the Tribe,” said Indians fan, Herb Washington.

On Wednesday, the Cleveland Indians sent out an online survey to Indians’ fans inquiring about the fan experience. Some of the questions included feedback on logos and uniforms including asking fans to rate the extent you agree or disagree with the Chief Wahoo logo.

“I think we should keep them. We’ve had him for all these years; why change it now?” said Eugene Tate of Cleveland.

Kerwin Lincoln said, “I think they should never change the logo, don’t change the logo. That’s something we’ve had for a long time.”

“It’s been around a long time,” said Ronnie King. “I think they ought to keep it. It’s not hurting nobody. It’s the Cleveland Indians.”

Many fans find nothing offensive with the Chief Wahoo logo.

We asked what you think on our FOX 8 Facebook page:

The Indians released the following statement about the Chief Wahoo question on their online survey:

The Indians continuously survey our fans on all matters of the organization. In this instance, the feedback on logos and uniforms was a small part of an overarching fan satisfaction survey and represents a normal course of action in our effort to ultimately provide the best fan experience possible.”

The Chief Wahoo logo is not as visible at Progressive Field as it was at Municipal Stadium. In fact, the Indians have been using more of the Indians script or the block “C” for their logo, including on their jerseys and hats.


  • Chipper Nenadal

    If they are looking to get rid of Chief Wahoo because the logo is dated, then fine.. But don’t do it because of pressure from people that don’t like it or think it’s offensive. Chief Wahoo has been around for years and is trademark of the Indians. To all of a sudden give in to the pressures of others, would be chickensh**.

  • Mark Infield

    Growing up in NE Ohio, I am very proud of the Indians (and the Browns (could the Browns name be offensive, too)). Chief Wahoo is a proud symbol of the team. I see no reason to change the logo even if a few people are offended. People are offended about many different things. That doesn’t mean that they are bad or should be done away with. Take, for example, the Black Congressional Caucus. What would be left is we tried to placate everyone??

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