Download: Retailers Open on Thanksgiving?

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For the first time in the company’s 155 year history, employees at Macy’s may have to work on Thanksgiving.

According to a story posted on, the retailer is considering opening on Thanksgiving night to get a jump on Black Friday shopping.

Employees at one store said they received a survey asking about their availability to work starting at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.

The CEO of the retailer recently told reporters he would “never say never” when asked about the possibility of opening early.

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  • rebekah

    I think it’s ok, as long as people get to choose.. It shouldn’t be mandatory for employees to work holidays

  • Stephany

    What happened to holidays being about spending time with family? I don’t think any retail store should open early.

  • Pat

    if none of them were open then none of the retailers would miss any sales. 6 am opening the day after thanksgiving should be the earliest any of them should open

  • Claudia

    We the people can’t win!! You can’t be with family and tell them you have to leave or they have to go home so you can shop.(WRONG). Also how many American’s have a drink or more when socializing with friends and family? then they go out shopping and then we have fights, car accidents, people getting hurt where is the Holiday Sprit with that. 4:00 to 6:00 is fair time to open

  • linda

    If people are so UN-organized they can’t get their shopping done the other 6 days the stores are open, that’s not the retailers problem. I am

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