Cyclist Seriously Injured in Hit-and-Run

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CLEVELAND, OH -- Police are on the hunt for a driver who hit a 76-year-old man on a bicycle and took off.

It happened around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. The victim, Charles Crays, was riding his bike on the Interstate 71 South entrance ramp near Denison Avenue when he was struck.

According to police, the driver swerved into him, then took off.

Crays was taken to the hospital for his injuries. He is listed in critical condition.

"The guy on the bike isn't the first and he's not going to be the last,” said Victoria Jones.

Jones owns ‘The Grow Wizard’ off Denison Avenue, right by the scene of the
hit-and-run. She said she isn’t surprised the driver took off. She said people have hit her building and very rarely is she able to catch them.

"Most drivers, when they hit my building or my property, they do not stop. I don't see them, there's no report of it; there's nothing,” she said.

Jones said the area near the ramps is extremely dangerous. She hopes something can be done to help with that, like installing rumble strips on the exit ramp.

"It's a short exit ramp and if people aren't from around here, they think it keeps going and it doesn't; it stops,” she said.

The suspect's vehicle is described as a dark blue, four-door Chevy Cavalier with tinted windows. It was either made in the late 80s or early 90s. There’s also likely damage to the left front, side and windshield.

The city issued FOX 8 this statement regarding the incident:

With regards to bicyclist safety enhancements on Denison Ave, the street is scheduled to be repaved and have improvements made in Spring of 2014. As part of the Complete and Green Streets ordinance passed in 2012, The City of Cleveland is committed to implementing bicycling-friendly enhancements during this construction project. The exact details of those improvements have yet to be finalized. A decision will be made closer to the beginning of the construction project.

Anyone with information on what happened should call Cleveland police.

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