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Browns Not Considering Quarterback Change

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CLEVELAND — Monday afternoon, Browns coach Rob Chudzinski gave a one-word answer to a question on whether he is contemplating a change at quarterback.

The answer was “no.”

Brandon Weeden will remain the starter despite his second half performance, which featured a “bonehead” pass that the Lions intercepted, effectively sealing the team’s fate in the 31-17 loss.

The “bonehead” reference was Weeden’s term, stated during the Sunday news conference after the game.

The loss snapped a 3-game win streak.

Chudzinski said he thought Weeden played well in spurts, but that at other times, he made “a couple of critical mistakes.”

Weeden led the team to 17 first half points, but could not direct the offense to any points in the second half.

This begs the question: why does Weeden struggle in the second half?

“It really just boils down to those critical decisions and mistakes that he made yesterday,” said Chudzinski. “I know he wants them back and would like to have them back. But there’s also mistakes from other guys, too. At times, we didn’t have anybody open and he’s trying to find somebody. At times, we made some mental mistakes, whether it was in the run game or the protections or the routes or whatever they are. Obviously, the quarterback is the guy that everybody sees and that’s the part of the job. But we all have to get better and play more consistently overall.”

Chudzinski was asked if Weeden is losing the confidence of the players around him.

“No, I don’t see that at all. He was trying to get rid of the ball as best he could,” said the Browns coach.

Weeden is 0-3 as a starter in 2013. Brian Hoyer, who faces knee surgery this week, won all three of his starts.

On Monday, there was no news that the team might be signing a quarterback to bolster the position. It’s Weeden’s opportunity to lead the offense in the very tough environment in Lambeau Field in Green Bay on Sunday.

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  • Amber

    Oh man! Not another week of Weedon. That’s it! I quit! I can’t cry anymore! Browns management does not care about its’ fans at all!

  • Dennis

    They should go sign Freeman, oh wait he’s in Minnesota.. then get Flynn oh wait Buffalo signed him.. umm you can probably get Quinn back or relive the magic with Derek Anderson.. anyone but weeden..

  • skippyjoe

    tim tebow is still available.. at least he would sell some tickets… I GIVE UP ON THE BROWNS UNTIL THEY GET RID OF THAT LOSER BRANDON WEEDON!!!!

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