Flesh-Eating Street Drug Expanding in U.S.

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CHICAGO – A street drug that can cause deadly gangrene infections is expanding, now hitting the streets of Chicago.

The first U.S. case appeared in Utah and Arizona a few weeks ago.

Doctors at a Chicago-area hospital are treating three people for deadly symptoms of a new drug that originated in Russia, according to CBS Chicago.

The drug, ‘Krokodil,’ is similar to heroin and rots a user’s skin and muscle.

One of the victims is a 25-year-old woman and user of heroin for 10 years. CBS Chicago reports the woman started using the drug a month ago and is now in extremely critical condition.

The drug, also known as Desomorphine, is popular because it is extremely cheap. It is made of home-made heroin, mixed with gasoline or paint thinner and is usually injected.

According to CBS Chicago, the average life expectancy after the first use of the drug in Russia is 2 years.

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  • Matthew Shondrick

    “made of homemade heroin” thats balderdash, the drug is made from cooking up morphine. why would someone take a more expensive, much safer drug to turn it into this? like it or not the reason desomorphine exists is because we’ve made all the drugs illegal. drug users take this out of desperation because they can’t find or afford their drug of choice. decriminalize drugs, save your community from unnneccesary suffering.

  • Alyssia Jones

    terrible how far people will go just for what? To get a high? How stupid, people know drugs are bad a can kill this one sounds like a death sentence, jumping of a bridge will give you your rush. DRUGS ARE BAD

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