Woman Shot in Back: ‘He Could’ve Taken My Life’

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CLEVELAND -- As a young woman recovers from a senseless and random shooting, Cleveland police continue to search for the person who shot her.

Thursday, police released still images and surveillance video that show a man pulling out a gun and haphazardly firing into a crowd of people on the sidewalk at E. 9th Street and Bolivar in downtown Cleveland.

"He could've taken my life. I would've never seen my son, my boyfriend," said Tiyana Thompson.

The 24-year-old spoke with FOX 8 News Reporter Suzanne Stratford from her hospital bed at MetroHealth Medical Center Thursday night because she was so upset by the surveillance video.

"He was shooting at nothing," said a tearful Tiyana. "I'm not crying because I'm hurt; I'm crying because I'm mad."

Tiyana was out with friends early Sunday morning near the Tops and Bottoms Gentlemen's Club; but when she saw a group of men arguing and fighting, she turned around and began walking in a different direction to leave the area.

"But on our way back, we see a guy running and yelling, 'I got something for you,' and before we knew it, it was like, gunshots," said Tiyana.

The young mother tried to run, but fell to the ground and couldn't move.

An armed security guard, who asked to only be identified by his first name, witnessed the shooting.

"She was laying on the ground, her girlfriends were crying over her," said Michael.

Michael is not only an armed security guard, but he also served in the military. He wasn't working at the club, but was asked by the club's owner to try and break up the altercation, which had started inside the establishment.

He says the suspect continued exchanging words with another man and then suddenly "pulled out a handgun from his waist and started unloading rounds."

One of the rounds struck Tiyana in the back.

Michael chased after the suspect, but he got away. He says he was relieved that Tiyana wasn't killed or paralyzed by the gunshot.

"I'm thankful and I'm happy that she's alive," said Michael.

Tiyana is also counting her blessings and looking forward to going home to see her son, boyfriend and family.

She hopes someone will see the images of the suspect and call Cleveland police right away before someone else is senselessly hurt or worse.

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