Woman on Bike Dragged By Car Before Driver Took Off

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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio-- Bicyclist Mindy Manyo, 56, has a rather positive outlook on life, especially considering her leg and wrist are shattered and she has three broken ribs, a broken back, a head injury and massive road rash.

"I'm sure it wasn't part of their plan. I'm positive of it. It's not on anybody's agenda," Manyo said from her hospital bed at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Manyo was riding her bicycle on Fairmount Blvd. near Lee Road last Thursday about 9:15 p.m., when a car hit her from behind. Police said the driver stopped the car on top of her, and then sped off, dragging Manyo underneath and running over her.

Residents heard the crash, and ran out to find Manyo bleeding and mangled on the side of the road.

She was wearing a bright yellow reflective vest and had a light on.

"Don't remember a thing," Manyo said of the crash, calling that a blessing.

This is her message to that driver:

"Gather up as much courage as you can and come. I'm not here to, I just want to forgive you. I'm not angry. It's passed that point now. I'm not angry. I'm not angry," Manyo said.

Manyo is an avid cyclist, biking more than 25 miles each day.

She hopes her tragedy will make other drivers more aware of bicyclists.

"Share the road. We can do this. We can really do this. I know we can do this. It just can't be trendy anymore to talk on your phone or be distracted with whatever is going on inside your car," Manyo said.

Investigators hope someone who knows the driver or car will call them with a tip on the driver’s identity.

Police said the car is a 2005 to 2009 Buick LaCrosse, dark in color, and it will have damage to the right front bumper and blinker.

Anyone who has any information is asked to call the Cleveland Heights Police Detective Bureau at (216) 291-3883 or (216) 321-1234.

“Share The Road 2013” is holding a fundraiser for Manyo at Night Town on Cedar Road on Sunday, October 27, from 4-8 p.m.

CLICK HERE to reserve a spot.

For more information on how to help Manyo, you can check out the "Share The Road" Facebook page.


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