Waitress Gets $10K Tip After Racist Receipt

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Photo Credit: NDN Online Video Clip

FRANKLIN, TN — A Tennessee waitress received the tip of a lifetime, thanks to some generous donations, after she was left a receipt with a racist slur.

Toni Christina Jenkins tells ABC News she was shocked when she saw the receipt with “none” listed on the “tip” line and a racist slur on the “total” line.

Photo Credit: NDN Online Video Clip

Photo Credit: NDN Online Video Clip

Jenkins posted a picture of the receipt to Facebook.

Matthew Hanson, founder of AddictingInfo.org, heard of her story and started an online fundraiser. The donations poured in for “Tips for Toni,” totaling $10,749.

Jenkins was unaware of the fundraiser until Hanson presented her with the check.

Jenkins was suspended from Red Lobster with pay after violating the company’s policy by posting a guest receipt online. She has since resumed work.

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