Local Mail Carrier Honored in Washington D.C.

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Jason Jones Honored in Washington D.C. 10/10/13

Jason Jones Honored in Washington D.C. 10/10/13

WASHINGTON D.C. — A Cleveland mail carrier was honored Thursday for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Jason Jones has been a United States Postal Carrier since 2007 and has walked the streets of the same East Cleveland neighborhood for 3 years.

Back in January, his job went from delivering letters to saving lives. Jason Jones’ route ended each day with a brief conversation to an elderly gentleman who he delivered mail to. When that gentleman didn’t come to the door and there were no footprints in the snow, Jones became suspicious, picked up his phone and called police.

Rescue crews broke into the home and found the man alive but unresponsive.

Thursday, Jones was honored by the National Association of Letter Carriers as a Special Carrier Alert winner for 2013.

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