Cleveland K-9 Passes Away After Sudden Illness

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Courtesy: Cleveland Division of Police

Cleveland Division of Police canine passes away.

Courtesy: Cleveland Division of Police

CLEVELAND – A beloved member of the Cleveland police force has passed away after a sudden illness.

K-9 Jack died October 4 while on duty. He was six years old.

Jack was a German Shepard, imported from the Czech Republic. He was highly trained in both narcotics detection and patrol.

Jack spent his says with his handler, Patrol Officer Reggie Beddard, patrolling the streets of Cleveland, and assisting other police agencies throughout the community with building searches, narcotics detection, and arrests.

In one of Jack’s biggest narcotics busts, he located 3,000 pounds of marijuana.

“Jack was one tough puppy, and let’s just say that if he had to chase a bad guy, the bad guy was going to jail, thanks to Jack,” said Beddard.

Jack lived with Beddard, making the team inseparable.

The Division of Police will get another canine to take over where Jack left off.

Jack will be honored in a private ceremony on Tuesday, October 15, at the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association Hall.

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  • birdy bird

    I agree, from the looks of Gregory’s pic, he probably couldn’t find his way out of a book ! these K9’s are a very special breed to help the officer’s conduct safety messures for all of us, and will do and go anywhere on command. let’s say there was a fallen building.. would you go in it to save someone, Gregory… the K9 will !!

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