Car Crash Survivor: “Can’t Believe I Walked Out of It”

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BRUNSWICK, Ohio - After watching footage of a crash that sent her SUV tumbling over a 100 foot embankment off of Interstate 71 Wednesday evening, Tracie Layne admits there was a moment when she thought she wasn't going to be here.

Layne was driving north on the interstate around 5 p.m. Wednesday, when traffic in front of her suddenly swerved, revealing a box in the road.

Trying to avoid it, she said her Dodge Durango ran off of the interstate, hitting a cable in the median that kept it from going into oncoming traffic in the Southbound lanes.

"At first, I just knew I was hitting things, and just scared. Then, once I started rolling I knew I was going down. I didn't know what I was going down, but I could feel that the car was moving downward," said Layne.

Her Durango came to rest in a ravine.

Within moments, witnesses ran to see if there was anything they could do.

"There was the first gentleman that came right away, and then I heard a lady yelling asking if I was okay. Then people just started showing up out of nowhere," said Layne.

"The lady that came down made sure that she held my hand the whole time. Trying to tell me that I was going to be okay; it was going to be fine. She just tried to comfort me, and tried to keep me calm, and it did a lot. I didn't feel alone," she said.

"Because of where it was at, they were throwing big rocks underneath it so it wouldn't go into the creek down below it," said Layne's husband, Kenny.

The witnesses also helped direct highway patrol to the scene, which would not have been visible from the highway.

"Had those people not called, and kept on driving, and let us know where this vehicle ended up, we don't know if this vehicle would have been found," said Lt. Bill Haymaker of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

The northbound lanes of the interstate were shut down for about an hour as rescuers worked at the scene.

Layne was flown to MetroHealth Medical Center. She suffered a large laceration on her head, some scrapes and bruises, but no broken bones or internal injuries.

Less than 24 hours after the crash, she was back at home recovering.

woman survives medina county crash"I can't believe I walked out of it. Well, I didn't walk out of it, but that I got out of it, because it doesn't even look like a car to me," said Layne.

"Ultimately, when we look at this crash, that wire did exactly what it was supposed to. If that wire was not there, that vehicle could have went into the opposite lane of travel, and we might have been looking at a lot more serious injury crash, or even a fatal crash at that point," said Haymaker.

"I can't believe from seeing the pictures that she's right here beside me. I'm just so grateful," said Layne's husband.

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  • Tim cox

    Congrats Tracie and welcome to the survivors club, i survived a tanker rollover in march with no serious injuries, so you have to know there is another plan for people like us

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