Prayers For Roger: Stefani’s Update (10/08)

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Fox 8′s Stefani Schaefer gave an update on her husband’s condition Tuesday.

Monday was Stefani and Roger’s 15th wedding anniversary, marking a bittersweet  day for Stefani and her children.

Roger suffered a traumatic brain injury more than a year ago when he fell off scaffolding at a job site.

Stefani gave an update on Roger’s journey on her Facebook fan page Tuesday.

For additional updates on Roger’s recovery, click HERE.

Yesterday, was an exceptionally difficult day for me. October 7 is my wedding anniversary. Yesterday was 15 years. Since I had to work and pick up the kids from school and get them to their obligations after school – I couldn’t see Roger. As I’ve mentioned before, he is at an out of state medical facility that specializes in patients with traumatic brain injury – who can not be at home or care for themselves, let alone be left alone for any moment. I called three times yesterday to check up on him… and each time he called me over a half dozen random names. He was unaware that it was our anniversary and to be honest, I am not clear that he understood what an anniversary actually is. The kids talked to him… but each time they talk with him, I see the disappointment and discouragement in their faces and voices. They are upbeat and positive with him but when he says such random and confusing things…. IT JUST HURTS. We all know it’s the brain injury and not our Roger talking… but yet, experiencing that daily just wears you down, breaks your heart and is starting to become more and more overwhelming and just heartbreaking. Each time I call or visit, I take a deep breath and know I need to expect anything and everything. I can’t tell you how the hurt just never leaves you. There is so much that I have shared with all of you since the accident… but so much more that I have not. Many friends have told me before that there is no manual on how to act, feel and live when something like this happens. We are just trying to feel our way and continue to take things day by day. Thank you always for your prayers, kind thoughts and support. I hope you enjoy this fall evening! hugs


  • Bridgette Michael

    You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs to you and your children and Roger! You are a strong woman. God bless you.

  • Thomas R Carter

    My heart goes out to you your husband and your children. I pray that our father continues to give you all strength to get through this. God loves you all and wont forsake you. I pray his healing hand of Love touches you all with mercy. Praise his name.

  • karen

    i am so very sorry to hear of your situation,, you must be a strong woman, but probly dont feel strong at times,, i am praying for your family,,,

  • Nancy Oliver

    My prayers are with you and your family.I lost my husband and that leaves a void in my life. I lost a daughter two years ago and that was even worse. I four other children that Iive my life for. Be strong and have faith

  • Kimberly

    Stephanie, I have been following your story and Rogers recovery. Your family are in my prayers. Keep the faith and continue to let God be your guide. He knows your heart and how much you can bare and he will never leave you or forsake you. Happy Anniversary, I Love You!!!……….

  • susan wellman

    god is watching over roger and you and children your family is strong and have so much love to give Roger is still here and fighting god will give him back some day because of the love and faith you have hugs to you will be praying for your family

  • Brenda hetttinger

    Ther is always hope staefani. You and your kids will have him back soon. Just keep hanging in there

  • Tania Santiago

    That had me in tears stay strong stefani♥ god is with you never forget that… Happy Anniversay♥♡♥

  • Jim McNamee

    You and your children have had MORE THAN YOUR SHARE to deal with this terrible tragedy. Your strength and courage are beyond belief.Trust in God to help ypu and your children deal with ALL of this and, one day, God will “rescue” all of you. One day at a time. GOD BLESS!!!

  • Laura C.

    I too have been following your story from the beginning. What a amazing woman you are, I know the lord is guiding, protecting and providing for you and your family during these very hard times. What a tragedy and I’m sure what your family are feeling is why? The answers are unknown, but we know we can count on our dear heavenly father to get us through these storms. Feel the peace and comfort from him and hug and kiss your children daily, never give up and mostly trust in the lord, always…. Your children are so beautiful, that is a gift from him and you need to cherish them always, and I hope one day Roger will know you are there for him, you are amazing Stephanie!!!!

    I pray for you and your family and remember Jesus loves you!


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