Anchor’s ‘Breaking Bad’ Tweet Creates Controversy

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(HLN) — Once again, “Breaking Bad” was all over Twitter on a Sunday night.

Though this time, it had little to do with the just-concluded series and everything to do with Joyce Evans.

Joyce Evans? Is she one of Walter White’s partners I forgot about? Some old friend of Lydia’s?

No. She’s a Philadelphia news anchor who sent out what’s possibly one of the most cringe-worthy tweets the world has ever seen:

Haha, cool way to promote the show! Using a pop culture reference to tell people about a real-life tragedy. An A+ for savvy and totally tasteful digital promotion, right Internet?


“@JoyceEvansFox29 @FOX29philly this tweet cannot be real life. No one would be this stupid.” — @kateritchie

“My entire timeline is people a) screaming about Joyce Evans b) mocking Joyce Evans or c) retweeting old Joyce Evans tweets.” — @WillBrinson

Here is one old chestnut:

“@fox29 Are you ready for Internet Doomsday? Don’t know what it is? Find out on fox29news at six. and 2 cops are killed in traffic” — @JoyceEvansFox29, July 8, 2012

The news anchor responded immediately to the criticism, tweeting:

The actual shooting she was talking about left one person dead.

Evans repeated her defense in three more tweets, but she hasn’t tweeted again since becoming Internet Famous late Sunday night. Neither has she deleted the initial, offending tweet. So in absence of originals, here are some mock tweets that have been flying around on #JoyceEvansTweets — authored by various Twitter users, not by Joyce Evans herself:

“Miss FULL HOUSE? So do they! Immigrant family of 12 thrown into the streets of West Philly. Tawdry details tonight at 10. #JoyceEvansTweets” — @RCHains

“Speaking of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ fire dept. officials think they know what caused an explosion in one S Philly rowhome. #JoyceEvansTweets” — @Chamomiles Davis

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? Not anymore for a local teen who lost his eyesight this weekend. Story at 11! #JoyceEvansTweets” — @allenjohnson11

“Think you missed the point of Joyce Evan’s tweet? A local man didn’t miss the point of a sharp knife.. tonight at 10 #JoyceEvansTweets” — @PhilUnionKevinK

By Jonathan Anker

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