4 Hurt in Crash Involving Officers

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AKRON, Ohio -- Four people were hurt in an accident involving a police car as it responded to a call.

According to the Akron Police Department, around 5:30 a.m. Friday, a van turned into the cruiser's path at the intersection of East and Iona avenues.

Two officers were hurt and taken to the hospital, as were two people in the van.

"The officers were responding to a 'burglary in process' call, right here in the general vicinity. So therefore, they did not have their lights and sirens on at that point," said Lt. Rick Edward, with the Akron Police Department.

A passerby stopped to help the officers.

"I saw a cop hanging out the window. He had some blood coming down his arm, and his female partner was locked into the passenger side. She ended up getting free. I just asked them if there was anything I could do to help," said Christopher Rendino.

Accident reconstruction experts were called to the scene.

Everyone involved in the accident is expected to be okay.

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