Tasty or in Poor Taste? Burger Modeled After Eucharist

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CHICAGO — A popular burger restaurant is getting some backlash from its customers.

Kuma’s Corner, a heavy metal-themed burger joint, unveiled “The Ghost” burger, a burger topped with a red wine reduction and an unconsecrated communion wafer, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“The Ghost” is named after the Swedish metal band Ghost B.C. The band members are known for wearing hooded robes while the singer dresses as a Roman Catholic cardinal.

Director of Operations Luke Tobias says the burger is not a reflection of any religion; the restaurant just likes the band.

The burger, which has a communion wafer as garnish, comes with fries, chips or a side salad. Kuma’s Corner says customers are free to ask for no wafer, or multiple wafers with their meal.

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