Hayes Elementary in Lakewood is a ‘Cool School’

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LAKEWOOD, Ohio--Hayes Elementary is one of seven elementary schools in the Lakewood City School District.

It has a history of excellence when it comes to academics. That is just one of the reasons it has been named this week’s FOX 8 'Cool School.'

The goal is for each student to reach or exceed his or her potential. And, it starts with students following the school rule: to be respectful and responsible.

“That's one of the main reasons why the students take ownership of their learning: by being responsible and respectful. And, that translates both socially and academically,” teacher, Marc Holliday, said.

Language Arts takes priority at Hayes Elementary. Students in kindergarten through the fifth grade do about forty minutes of writing every day.

"In our class in writers workshop, we get to write our own stories and we get to have writer programs just like real writers do,” kindergarten student, Matthew Calleri, said.

When it comes to technology, this is a 21st century school. Fifth graders do their lessons on laptops and there are smart boards in the classrooms.

Fourth Grader Mollie Henrikson said you can learn anything on those boards. “You can draw pictures to show your answer or you can write your answer."

And, every student has scheduled computer time. It's another way for students to enhance their classroom learning. "You get to write; you get to do math; you get to do language arts. It's really fun," third grader, Daniah Shean, said.

With 500 students, this is a big school, but, there's a feeling of family where people support each other. "Hayes is a standout school and a 'Cool School' because our teachers are dedicated; our students are enthusiastic; our parents very supportive; and it's a tight knit community,” teacher, Amy Marcelli, said.

Fifth grader Cate Joyce agreed. "Everyone here is friendly and everyone at our building is so close knit, and the teachers and staff are great."

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