Teachers Upset Over ‘Hump Day’ Commercial

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VERNON, CT (WFSB) — It’s gotten over 15 million hits on YouTube and has become one of the most memorable commercials to date.

It’s the Geico Hump Day commercial, but it doesn’t have everyone laughing. Some Vernon teachers say the phrase is catching on so much, that it’s becoming disruptive in their classrooms.

“Everybody’s walking around in the hallways and saying it’s hump day in that weird voice,” said Brooke Lewis, who is a student at Vernon Center Middle School.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mary P. Conway said some sixth-grade boys at Vernon Center Middle School started using the phrase so much, teachers said it was disruptive.

Students told Eyewitness News it doesn’t just happen on Wednesday, it’s every day.

“Sometimes it’s the counting down to when it is,” Lewis said.

Parents agree with teachers.

“OK, that’s getting out of hand,” said Mick Ruggiero, of Vernon. “Just keep it to Wednesdays and we’ll be all right.”

Students told Eyewitness News some kids have been called into the office, but Conway said this isn’t a district, or even school-wide issue. Conway said the teachers just wanted to nip it in the bud.

“I think it’s all kind of silly,” Ruggiero said. “I think there’s bigger things to take care of in middle schools than that.”

By Joseph Wenzel IV, Kim Lucey


  • Patrick

    1) How is this a news story?
    2) This is the worst thing kids are doing that’s a concern in middle school?

    If this is the biggest “issue” good for these kids..


  • NB

    I love that commercial it is hillarious. What the heck is wrong with these teachers!! Are they that miserable? Sounds like it is time for them to retire. I can watch that commercial over and over and still laugh.

  • Ace Geraci

    I remember everyone in school use to go meow meow meow meow meow, you know that stupid cat food song… no ones was ever in the new or suspended… America is so PC and so sensitive, now that’s getting out of control and need to be nipped in the bud…

  • jbeast

    Sounds like a missed teaching moment. Kids come in with energy and enthusiasm and you can’t use it to teach.

  • twolazy

    Teachers, teachers, teachers .. leave it be .. like most commercials it will ware out shortly, remeber “Where’s the Beef” . .it’s long forgotten. Make an issue of this will only give it legs. CHILL

  • Blitzen

    good thing they weren’t teaching during the “Where’s the beef?” or the “Help I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” era

  • Mia

    This isn’t that big a deal!!! I’m in 8th grade and the kids are always talking about this commercial quoting it and so far no one’s made a fuss about any of it!!!

    Even some of my teachers talk about it and even show the commercial sometimes during Wednesday and they haven’t gotten in trouble either!!! So…

  • taylaaaa

    I personally see no reason why this would be an issue. I think all teachers should embrace students enthusiasm for wednesdays. Like that commercial has me dy=ead everytimes i watch it. And my high school teachers play it every wednesday over the intercome so im not really sure the problem here.

  • MaryAnne

    How dare they say this commercial is upsetting. I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL, it always makes me laugh. And for me it doesn’t hurt because I love all animals soooooo much. That camel is too cute.
    NOW FOR TEACHERS: This makes you upset? Why don’t you focus on the bullying that goes on in schools, and how you turn your head the other way when it is going on Why don’t all you teacher’s get together and do something about a boy or girl that is LITERALLY getting BULLIED TO DEATH!!!
    Stand up for the child and make sure all you teacher’s protest, until something is finally done about it. Before another child takes his/her life.

  • Linda Brown

    Oh for God’s sake! Those teachers need to get a life! I LOVE the commercial and the camel rocks! It it is like he really is talking and I love the way he just sashays into the office! He is quite the ham! These teachers out to be worrying about far worse things that could happen to students than some silly funny than hell commercial! With school shootings and cases of students bullying others. Now they can’t stop Geico from airing the commercial because I have seen it on just about every network and it is one of their best as I cracked up the 1st time I saw it and I still do every time I see it now! It was on this am! SO TEACHERS TEACHERS TEACHERS YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!

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