No Remains Found in Christina Adkins Search

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CLEVELAND -- The FBI called off a search related to the disappearance of Christina Adkins and stated no remains or evidence was found.

Officials scoured Clark Fields in Tremont for about four hours Wednesday, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

The baseball fields are located near West 7th Street and Quigley Avenue.

Machetes were used to cut through thick brush there.

The FBI said investigators "developed information" in the case that led them to that location.

The joint investigation was led by the FBI and included the Violent Crimes Task Force and FBI Evidence Response Team.

When the search first launched, Fox 8's Jack Shea spoke to Adkins' mother, Debbi Marmol, by phone.

"I hope it's her and yet I hope it's not," Marmol said.  "I still hope she's alive but deep down in my heart I know it's been too long."

Adkins was last seen in Cleveland in 1995.  She was 18 at the time.

Her case was featured in FOX 8's 'Missing' series on Sept. 16.

Click here for more on the case of Christina Adkins.


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