Parents Asked to Check Egg Supply After Vandalism Spree

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BRIMFIELD Twp., Ohio--Broken eggshells litter the streets near the intersection of Cherrywood and Arcadia in Brimfield Township.

Police said troublemakers have taken aim at passing cars, pelting them with eggs, then vanishing.

Shane Gibbs' wife was at the intersection when she heard something hit her minivan.

"She was probably doing about 10 miles an hour, maybe fifteen, on her way around the corner here, and boom, she just heard a big loud pop," said Gibbs.

When she got home, she saw a small dent in the side of the van and took her husband back to the scene, where he said he found evidence on the road, not of eggshells, but something else.

"It was a big dough ball, like people were just throwing them out of nowhere and then when you look around, there's nobody there," said Gibbs.

All over the street are the remains of splattered eggs.

Whoever is throwing them has also taken aim at Aaron McNemar's house.

He said it is nothing new. "We just moved here but the previous owner said that a few people or whoever egged the house a couple of times. It's egged now," said McNemar.

On Monday, Brimfield police posted on Facebook, asking parents for their help finding the culprits.

"We've heard it all today. We've heard chicken jokes and egg jokes and you know to the people this has happened to, it's very frustrating because eggs can do some permanent damage to cars, particularly paint," said Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver.

But police aren't looking to arrest anyone for the crime.

"Is it criminal mischief or criminal damage? It absolutely is, but we're talking about possibly 11, 12, 13-year-old kids who may need a good stern talking-to and may need to do some work for the neighbors instead of wearing handcuffs and going off to the detention center," said Oliver.

The police chief said he would rather fill up a bucket and let the kids who are responsible wash some of their neighbor's cars.

"I would say that it's fair, but they also need to realize that they are destroying property that's not theirs," said Gibbs pointing to the dent in his minivan. "I mean, who is going to pay for it?"

"That seems like a suitable punishment to me," added McNemar, concluding, "It's more humiliation than tying up the court system, and I'm a big fan of that. Even my house, come wash the egg off of my house, great!"


  • Shane

    What’s going on in this city? I never heard of it before and in the last 6 months they’ve been making a regular appearance on fox8.

  • Janet

    Hey! As an ex-Brimfieldite, I can tell you our Chief Oliver has a great FB page and posts cool stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the TV stations keep an eye on the page on slow news days … :)

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