NE Ohio Immediately Hit by Gov’t Shutdown

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CLEVELAND--Approximately 52,000 federal employees across the state of Ohio look to be off the job indefinitely after the government shut down just after midnight on Tuesday.

“A lot of people who are federal workers may be furloughed which has been common the past,” said Dr. Kay Strong, associate economics professor at Baldwin Wallace University.

Roughly 3,000 workers and contractors at the Nasa Glenn Research Center in Brook Park and Plum Brook Facility in Sandusky will be forced to take furloughs, along with over 100 employees at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, according to Democratic Congresswoman Marcia Fudge’s office.


(CLOSED: sign on Cuyahoga park offices on 10/1/13)

All employees considered non-essential or discretionary programs will be shut down.

Congress did agree on one thing Monday night: military will be paid if the government shuts down.

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service Office in Cleveland should remain open  for now,  and the majority of Veterans Services at the VA will also continue, although some could be limited.

Congresswoman Fudge’s office was also informed that, “The Women Infants and Children program (wic) has enough funding through October but will run out after that.”

Dr. Strong said, “Theoretically programs will be funded that are mandatory ones like Social Security will still operate; Medicaid will still operate.”

Airport security and air traffic controllers will also continue to function at full capacity and the U.S. Post Office will  continue delivering the mail, but some others won’t be so lucky.

“People expecting loans or to work with loans won’t be able to do that,” said Dr. Strong.

Dr. Strong said something else is sure to be impacted if the shutdown continues for any length of time.

“I think the bigger issue isn’t even the paycheck issue or income issue; the sense of social capital trust and respect you have for the people who are supposed to represent you.”

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