Classes Continue Tuesday After Strongsville Threat

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STRONGSVILLE, Ohio--Classes will resume at all Strongsville schools Tuesday after a bomb threat forced most of the district to shut down on Monday.

"There's absolutely no way we as a district would take a chance with that threat or imminent threat on the building. We had to evacuate," said Strongsville Schools Superintendent John Krupinski.

Monday morning, someone discovered graffiti in three areas scrawled on the outside of Strongsville High School.

One message mentioned a bomb.

"So we immediately after discovering that, evacuated the high school again because of the daylight. We didn't actually see that until students were already in the building," Krupinski said.

"Fire alarms went off and we went out to the football stadium and stayed there for about an hour," said high school student Alexis Mathiellis.

Strongsville police arrived on the scene, along with the bomb squad and searched the high school after dismissing students for the day.

"I think it was horrifying. I think it's appalling how this society has become. Sending your kids to school, you think they're gonna be safe and you get a universal phone call that this has happened," said parent Lora Mathiellis.

"I think it's a shame that someone chose to make some type of threat. I hope there's really nothing to it and the kids can go back to school and feel safe tomorrow," said parent Kevin Welsh.

"We're fine. We think that Strongsville did a good job with communicating to the parents," said parent Cassandra Semple.

Although the bomb threat was only directed at the high school, Strongsville elementary schools had to be shut down because they use the same buses needed to take the high school students home.

We talked to some children who were with their parents at the local library. "I like to be in school; I just don't like being off," said elementary school student Rashiqa Abukhlil.

"The middle schools were already in school. They were already in school, so they were in safe secure situation. We kept them open throughout so they completed a full day," said Krupinski.

According to school officials, no explosives were found in the school. So far, there have been no arrests.

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