BBB: Watch Out for Fake Indians Tickets

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CLEVELAND — The Better Business Bureau is warning Indians fans not to lose their heads as they come down with playoff fever.

The Tribe will host the American League Wild Card game Wednesday.  Tickets are sold out but the secondary market is still thriving.

“Fans hoping to catch Wednesday’s game are easy targets for scammers,” said BBB President David Weiss. “The Internet is home base for criminals hoping to make big bucks selling counterfeit tickets or by taking cash and providing nothing.”

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The BBB offered this advice to ticket buyers:

  • Be careful when buying tickets from someone on the street
  • Before buying from an online ticket broker, check the BBB review of the company and see if any negative reviews were posted online
  • Make sure websites have secure payment processing systems, denoted by ‘https’ in the URL or a small lock icon at the bottom of the screen
  • If you are buying from a reseller, find one associated with the original ticket seller or the venue
  • When buying through an auction site, pick a seller with a long history of satisfied customers and make sure the seller has recently sold other tickets
  • Watch out for sellers who lure buyers away from well-known sites
  • Always use payment methods with buyer protections (like credit cards or trusted e-commerce sites) instead of cashier’s checks or wired payments


The BBB said it receives hundreds of complaints for tickets bought for sports and entertainment venues.

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