Grafton Mayor Arrested on Suspicion of OVI

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GRAFTON, Ohio -- A Lorain County mayor,  known for answering concerns of her residents, has some explaining of her own to do.

Grafton Mayor Megan Flanigan has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in her own village.

Police spotted a damaged fire hydrant in the Fox Run Development that they suspect Mayor Flanigan of hitting with her vehicle around 3 a.m. Saturday.

Police say a license plate found near the broken hydrant is registered to Flanigan.

They say she returned to the crash site and police noticed a strong odor of alcohol.

When Grafton resident Ron Vodarski learned of the mayor’s arrest, he said he wasn’t surprised.

“They should set an example, that’s what they should do.  And, I don't think that's setting a very good example,” he added.

Police say Mayor Flanigan was arrested in her own neighborhood.

"You usually expect better of your elected officials.  They should know the laws, know what they are doing,” Grafton resident Bob Freedman said.

Police say Mayor Flanigan failed several field sobriety tests.  Results of a breathalyzer test were not revealed.

"As the mayor she should have had a little higher standard in how she conducts herself.  Everyone is due one mistake. Hopefully she will learn from this mistake,” Grafton resident Tim Lewis said.

The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office is assisting Grafton Police with the investigation.  Mayor Flanigan is expected in Elyria Municipal Court to answer to multiple charges, including OVI.