Charges Filed After Dogs Found Abandoned in Garage

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(Photo Credit: South Euclid Police Department)

SOUTH EUCLID, Ohio — Two dogs were removed from a commercial garage in deplorable conditions Thursday.

According to the South Euclid Police Department, the garage is located on South Green Road.

Four animal wardens found the dogs abandoned in what they described as “inhumane conditions.”

Police said warrants were issued charging the owner with animal neglect and animal cruelty, and additional charges are being considered.

According to police, the suspect was running an auto repair shop in the building, and it was foreclosed upon. He was told to vacate the property, and in August he was told to clean up the building.

When he didn’t, warrants were issued for his arrest, and he had until Thursday to leave the property.

The dogs were found when police went to the property to verify it had been vacated.

Police said both dogs were pit bull mixes and probably never left the building. The dogs were taken to the county kennel in Valley View, according to officers.