My Town: Students Participate in ‘Walk for Excellence’

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(credit: Brunswick Beat) PHOTO (L-R): Melissa Dulik, grade seven, and Audrey Miles, grade seven.

BRUNSWICK- Another school year has begun, which means it’s time for Edwards Middle School’s annual ‘Walk for Excellence.’

This year, the walk-a-thon fundraiser was held on Friday, August 30, 2013.

“It’s hard to come up with new fundraiser ideas that save up donations for our school and that are still fun for students and staff,” said principal Heidi Armentrout.

All donations stay at Edwards Middle School and are spent entirely for the students.

The funds support the Principal’s account and the PTO for activities such as assemblies, student rewards, dances, and snacks for the Ohio Achievement Assessment testing.

Each student who participated donated a minimum of twenty-five dollars and received a t-shirt. This year, over 430 students got involved, generating $10,000 for the school.

The walk-a-thon was a 1 1/2 mile loop that the students walked twice. In total, the walk was about three miles. Administrators, the PTO, front office staff and the teachers helped put together the event. Some very generous volunteers set up stations to pass out snacks and water for the students as they walked along.

The Walk began at 12:30pm and continued throughout the rest of the school day. After the students finished, they proceeded to the Brunswick South football field to participate in numerous activities with their friends.

Edwards also held a dance inside the gymnasium for the students to have a fun time afterwards.

“I believe the Walk for Excellence is a lot better to participate in than a regular fundraiser,” stated Sean Tarbuck, Edwards seventh-grade student. “The students get to hang out with their friends, and it’s a great way to be active.”

“My favorite part of the walk-a-thon was when we got to go out on the football field to hang out with our friends and eat popsicles,” commented Delaney Thompson, seventh grader. “I did think that it was a little too hot though,” Thompson joked.

“I think that the teachers and staff really enjoyed participating in the Walk for Excellence,” Armentrout told me. “It’s always fun to get out of the classroom and get to know your students in a different atmosphere. Besides, who doesn’t like to enjoy a nice and sunny August afternoon,” she added.

By Jonathan Yokiel, BEAT Reporter

Edwards students and staff hope that the school keeps this fundraiser going on for generations.
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