Medicine Hits Market That Fights Colds and Meth Abuse

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CANTON, Ohio--A new drug is coming to store shelves; one aimed at battling congestion and meth abuse.

It’s called Nexafed. The medication is basically the same as Sudafed, but it uses a different formula.

“It’s been designed so that the people who are abusing the pseudoephedrine to make the methamphetamine cannot extract the pseudoephedrine from it so they can make the illegal drug,” said Steve Fettman, a pharmacist at Davie’s Drugs.

If someone tried, it would turn it into a goo-like substance.

“There are other products too that have taken on the same type of formulation, so that the medicines can’t be broken, can’t be crushed to extract the active drug for abusers,” he said.

Fettman said meth abuse has become a big problem not only nationally, but right here in Ohio, too.

“I really think it’s a good idea. It’s going to cut down on the abuse and it gives pharmacists a piece of mind that the medicine is going to be used correctly,” he said.

Nexafed isn’t the only method they have to help cut down on abuse, they also use a national database called, ‘Meth Check.’

All the pharmacist has to do is type in the person’s information and the drug they want to buy, and it’ll instantly tell them if they can.