Alpine Valley Makes Multimillion Dollar Upgrades to Ski Resort

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MUNSON TOWNSHIP, Ohio--The next time you head to Alpine Valley you might not recognize the place with all its new renovations; it looks more like a construction zone than a ski resort.

"We are adding two new chairlifts, one a quad chairlift that runs all the way to the top of the mountain and then we have a triple chairlift that runs to the top of our beginner trail," said Jason Boyd, general manager of Alpine Valley.

In April, crews began the renovation process. They poured foundations for the new ski lifts; to make sure Alpine Valley can make plenty of snow, they acquired 23 more snow-making guns, tripling their snow-making ability. So, now they have 33 snow makers to make sure the resort is covered.

"We've come to the realization that we cannot rely on natural snow and we need to focus on our own capabilities to making our own snow. It gives us the ability to open earlier, expand terrain faster and get more of the ski area open. When we open for our first day we expect to have a lot more trail for our guests," Boyd said.

The trails have been upgraded too; trails one and two have been widened and the tube park has been moved and redesigned.

"We feel that with these new improvements we'll be able to attract folks in the Cleveland market and surrounding markets to come here and ski. There are a lot of skiers in this market and snowboarders and we want them to come here to Alpine," said Boyd.

The $2.5 million renovations are expected to be completed by the first of November.