Suspect Seen in Video Moments After Hit-and-Run

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AKRON– Akron police are hoping someone will recognize a woman caught on surveillance video, just moments after they said she ran over a road worker in a construction zone, and took off.

“And I heard the tires squeal and I turned to try and get out of the way and there was nothing I could do and she hit me. She came to a stop, I don’t know, a little ways down from us and stuck her head out the window and was screaming, ‘oh my God, I can’t believe what I did’,” said Danny Atkinson, the road worker who was hit.

Atkinson was doing road work in a construction zone on northbound I-77 near the Vernon Odom exit, when police said a woman in a tan SUV drove into the zone and hit him.

It happened Sept. 9.

A fellow road worker went to help Atkinson, and told the woman in the SUV to stay put.

Instead, police said, she sped off.

“I cannot believe somebody would do that, because at that point, she didn’t know if I was dead or alive, or anything. I wasn’t saying anything. I was still down on the ground,” Atkinson said.

Atkinson was taken to the hospital with severe injuries to his leg.

It was so quick; no one was able to get the woman’s license plate number.

“I was actually at the point last week, after being out of the hospital for a week, I’m thinking, they are never going to catch her,” Atkinson said.

That could change. Monday, Akron police released surveillance video of the woman they said hit Atkinson.

The woman is seen at a gas station moments after the crash.

Atkinson hopes she sees this and turns herself in, or someone else does.

“For this to happen and for nothing to happen from it, nobody to take fault, that’s what really upsets me the most,” Atkinson said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Akron olice at (330) 375-2552.