Property Ticketing Begins in Parma

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(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Temistocle Lucarelli/MGN Online)

PARMA, Ohio — Owners of neglected properties in Parma may be given tickets beginning Monday as part of the ‘Good Neighborhoods Initiative.’

Examples of offenses include high grass, non-working vehicles parked in yards and excessive trash on the property.

“If you take care of your home and property, you should be happy about this program,” Mayor Tim DeGeeter said. “Nobody likes to see the high grass and trash that collects at neglected properties. We are hoping that this program will help cut down on those types of homes.”

DeGeeter stressed the program is designed to cut down on repeat offenders, protect property values and increase the quality of life for residents.

The Good Neighborhoods Initiative was approved by city council.

Anyone who receives a ticket may choose to go to court rather than paying the ticket outright.

City leaders are also working on a program that will recognize homeowners who beautify and care for their homes.