Green Light? Trying to Toughen Teen Driving Laws

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CLEVELAND--A state lawmaker is working to toughen driving laws for teens.

Representative Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek) is behind the proposal. It calls for a series of changes, including altering the curfew.

Drivers with probationary licenses would not be allowed on the roads between 10 p.m. and five a.m.

There would be some exceptions to that rule though; for example, if the driver has to attend a school function, work, or has an emergency.

"I think definitely the time issue is a great guideline for them because you don't want them out too late and you know to be safe,” said parent, Rose Buckner.

Her daughter is getting her license next year. She said if the legislation can help make the roads safer, she’s all for it.

Another change would create age restrictions for who could be in the car, and when.

“I think it’s a more serious process and needs to be taken more seriously. Most kids I knew were getting into accidents when they were 16 and starting to drive,” said Nate Nokoneczny of Cleveland. He also supports the legislation.

Not everyone thinks it’s so great though. Critics worry the rules might be too tough, and defeat the point of getting a license.

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