Couple with Down Syndrome Win King and Queen

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WESTLAKE, OH -- An area high school is coming together to give two of its students the memory of a lifetime.

Students at Westlake High School crowned Jacob Cox and Holly Thomas homecoming king and queen.

Photo Credit: Kelly Regal

Photo Credit: Kelly Regal

"I was taken aback by it. I was very shocked and very excited that the kids would think so much to do this for him," said Jacob's mom, Tracey.

They both have Down syndrome. It's actually something that's brought them closer together. They've gone through all the same classes and are now dating.

"I was surprised, but not. I mean, his peers, they're a great group of people and it just speaks to the progress and the tolerance that belongs in this school," she said.

Cox and Thomas were competing against two other couples for the title. The results were announced before the school's football game Friday night.

"We knew how much it would mean to them and how great it would be for everyone in the school to get together," said student Kate Johnson. "Holly would be so excited that she gets to wear that pretty dress and Jake would be so happy he gets to be with Holly."

(Holly at the homecoming game)

(Holly at the homecoming game)

Elias Leon, who is also a student, works with the two during his study hall. He says he's grown close to them and believes they deserved to win.

"All the kids here, they don't, like, whoever you are, as long as you have a good personality and a good heart, you're going to win no matter what," Leon said.

Jacob's mom said she couldn't be happier. She works with special needs kids and says it's amazing how much has changed over the years.

"These kids have been around them, they know them, they're friends and now this is just amazing. It's amazing and we're just very blessed, and I'm very proud of Jacob," she said.