Surveillance Video Shows Woman Reporting Her Abduction

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CLEVELAND-- Hours after a Cleveland woman walked into a gas station and reported her own abduction, Precious Starr Alison Johnson, 27, was found unharmed and police arrested her alleged abductor.

"We don't know what kind of control he had over her but she alerted the clerk that she was the victim of a crime and she gave the clerk the license plate number," said Commander Patrick Stephens, with the Cleveland Police Department.

Police took the man into custody near East 185th and Euclid Avenue just after 11:15 Wednesday morning.

Johnson, herself, was also recovered in that same area.

"She had sustained some injuries earlier today but she looks to be in pretty good condition," added Stephens.

Police say at 5:45 in the morning, Johnson walked into the Marathon gas station at E. 55th and Woodland Avenue.

Surveillance cameras were rolling as Johnson told the clerk that she had been abducted, even giving him the license plate of her red Saturn Vue.

"My cashier handled it good. She asked him to call police and he called right away," said Izlam Mustafa, manger of the Marathon.

Cameras captured Johnson getting back into the car with her alleged captor and was seen heading southeast on Kinsman Avenue.

Police are not identifying the suspect or his relationship to the victim.

"If you think someone is missing or in harm's way, don't hesitate to call 911. There is no 24-hour window before we start looking for someone," added Stephens.

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