Picture Proof: Someone Stomping on Cars

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MENTOR, Ohio-- Mentor police say it's happened before and it's happening again:  a crime called car stomping.

"Wednesday morning, we got calls from two different locations. Both in industrial areas that are secluded at night. And in each one, a car had been damaged," said Chief Kevin Knight.

The latest incidents happened in parking lots on Tyler Boulevard and Heisley Road.

The cars were parked overnight and the owners returned the next morning to discover the damage.

"Front windshields shattered, a lot of body damage. Apparently, someone was jumping up and down on hoods, even kicking the sides," added Chief Knight.

Police said this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened.

They said similar incidents were reported in the past six months; however, right now they can't find out a connection between the two.

"We've had four cars that have been damaged in the past," said Beth Anderson, who owns Molly Maids on Tyler Boulevard.

Anderson's cars were spared this time, but her company is on alert now that it's happening again.

"The last couple times the roofs were smashed. Whoever got on the car, jumped on the roofs, smashed out the windshields," said Anderson.

"Hard to say if it's kids or what. There's no common denominator between the two businesses. It is someone's idea of fun. That is not fun for the people who own the cars," added Chief Knight.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Mentor Police Department.