Beating Victim ‘Happy’ About Arrest, Wonders About Other Attackers

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CLEVELAND-- Cleveland police arrested a 17-year-old male for a brutal beating of a man outside a Cleveland gay bar.

The attack was caught on tape, and shows more than a dozen young people lurking outside Cocktails Bar on W. 93rd St. and Detroit Ave., before they attacked Jared Fox, 26, on the night of Aug. 31st.

"[They] knocked me; beat me; kicked me; stomped me; asked me if I wanted to die," Fox said, adding his attackers called him hateful anti-gay slurs before and during the beating.

"I'm happy that there's one less person out there taunting gay and lesbian people, and transgender and bisexual people, on the streets of Cleveland," Fox said.

He wonders about all his other attackers, who are still out there.

"Who are they? What are they doing? And where did they learn this hate from?" Fox said.

"I'm elated. I can't tell you how happy I am," said Ric Scardino, a bartender at Cocktails, who was there the night Fox was beaten, and also a week later when kids threw rocks over the fence and into the patio at bar patrons.

A 13-year-old was arrested for the rock-throwing incident.

"A 13 and 17-year-old arrested? We are doing something wrong. We have to start teaching diversity," Scardino said.

Police said the teen will be charged with robbery felonious assault, and prosecutors are discussing the possibility of a hate crime charge.

"You can charge a child with robbery, grand larceny, or whatever they want to charge this child with, but if they don't do it as a hate crime, if they don't use the Matthew Shepard Act and prosecute as a hate crime, that is a crime in and of itself," Fox said.

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