‘All Clear’ Given After Canton Chemical Scare

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CANTON, Ohio — The Canton Fire Department announced residents forced to evacuate because of a fire and chemical scare could return to their homes after noon on Tuesday.

An odor similar to burnt matches may be lingering in the air, but the air quality was considered safe.

The fire department and EPA will continue to monitor the conditions.

Hundreds of people had to leave the area Monday when an issue arose at Convoy Containers in Canton around 2 p.m.

Dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide were released into the air and the building went up in flames.

Exposure to the chemical can be fatal in high levels.  At lower levels it can cause respiratory problems.

Displaced residents had the option of taking temporary shelter at the Civic Center on Market Avenue North.  Several school were closed Tuesday.

According to Convoy Containers’ website, the company has been closed since 2011; but some type of renovation may have been underway.

No one was inside the building at the time of the fire and there were no reports of injuries.

(FOX 8’s Brittany Harris and Kara Sutyak contributed to this report.)

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