Salvage of Costa Concordia to Begin Monday

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GIGLIO ISLAND, ITALY — The salvage of the Costa Concordia is set to get underway Monday, according to Fox News.

The civil protection agency, which oversees the project, gave the go-head Sunday. Crews will attempt to raise the 114,500 ton cruise ship, which is about the length of three football fields.

The rotation could last up to 12 hours.

Once the Concordia is upright, crews plan to stabilize the ship, refloat it and tow it away for scrapping early next year.

Officials worry that if they wait, the hull of the ship will not survive the winter.

The shipwreck has already cost $798 million and an insurance company estimates the bill could run as high as $1.1 billion, according to Fox News.

The ship hit ground off the coast of Italy in January 2012. Over 4,000 people were on board; 32 people were killed.

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