Keith Urban Rocks Blossom Music Center

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CLEVELAND — Keith Urban recorded a video from Blossom Music Center Sunday to share with his fans.

The concert was originally scheduled for Thursday night, but according to a press release from Live Nation, storms in the northeast wreaked havoc on New York City airports on Thursday, and Urban’s plane was grounded there.

Fans packed Blossom for the concert before the announcement was made that he wouldn’t be showing up.

Sunday, Urban promised fans an extended show and said he would take requests from the crowd.

Many fans say they were not upset with Thursday’s cancellation and were impressed that Urban wanted to take care of his fans.

“Most of the people, what they do is they don’t come back and they don’t reschedule and he’s honored everything,” said one fan. “We got our tickets; the parking was free again that we paid for on Thursday night. So, no complaints. But we’ve heard that about him; that he does take care of his fans.”

Sunday’s show didn’t have any opening acts. Urban came out on stage and thanked his fans. He then kicked off the show with his hit, “Long Hot Summer.”

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