Post Office Closed After Car Crashes Through Lobby

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STOW, OH -- Saturday was just another day to get the mail or send a package at the United States Post Office in Stow until the front windows were shattered by a car that came crashing through the building.

Several people were inside of the building when the Toyota Camry plowed through the front lobby of the Darrow Road location just before noon.

"Yeah, I was shocked," said one customer.

It only took a few seconds to do damage to the front lobby. After the accident, a restoration crew spent most of the afternoon repairing the front entrance.

"It is very scary and I wouldn't wish that on anyone," said Jimmy Wright, who is a frequent customer.

Stow police tell FOX 8 the female driver, 50, of Hudson, literally drove through the front door of the Stow Post Office.

"If I would have seen the car running, I probably would have run out of the way. But sometimes things shock you or surprise you where you can't get out of the way," said Loretta Cofield.

Post Office Spokesman David Van Allen said at least one person was pinned against a wall inside of the building due to the crash.

A husband was able to get his wife out of harm's way when the vehicle came crashing through.

"I couldn't figure out how she got passed those barriers, and right straight into the door," said customer Karen McCrady.

Saturday afternoon, people kept trying to use the post office. Many have P.O Boxes, but couldn't get inside.

Van Allen tells FOX 8 the Stow branch will be closed at least through Monday as repairs are underway. Anyone with a P.O. Box will be re-routed to the Cuyahoga Falls location.

The conditions of the people involved in the accident are unclear.

Van Allen said the driver may have had a medical condition just before the crash. She was traveling with a 15-year-old who had to go to the hospital for observation.

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