Three Arrested in Off-Campus Party

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AKRON — Three people were arrested after an off-campus party near the University of Akron earlier this month.

The event, known as Sumner Fest, is an annual party on Sumner Street near the University of Akron. It is not sanctioned by the University.

Those in attendance admit there was a lot of alcohol consumed before the crowd started getting wild. Amateur video shows the crowd chanting and then targeting a car parked on the curb and flipping the car three times.

According to Akron police, Timothy Wallette II, 22, of Mentor, is charged with failure to disperse and disorderly conduct. Police say he was not involved in flipping the car or the rioting, but refused to leave the scene. He is listed as a student, but his university isn’t identified.

Nathan Knutty, 20, of Massillon and a University of Akron student is charged with rioting.

Ryan Malecha, 19, of Litchfield Township is also charged with rioting. It is unclear if he is a student.

Both will be arraigned on Friday. Further charges are possible.

Police will continue to review social media video to identify more suspects.

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