Man Late for Breakfast Leads Police on Chase

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PERRY TOWNSHIP, OH --Police say a man lead police on a high-speed chase for an unusual reason Tuesday.

While working on a routine patrol at Perry Drive and Navarre Road SW, a Perry Township officer watched as a Lincoln flew past him going 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Dash camera video shows the officer immediately pursuing the car with his flashing lights on and sirens blaring.

"Just the speed traveling that time of day, 80 mph in the roadway where we initially observed the violations is extremely high, especially traveling through an intersection," said Perry Township Police Chief Michael Pomesky.

The video shows the driver speeding through two-lane roads, disregarding the officer and stop signs along the way.

"The pursuit did wrap around several residential streets. The traffic at this time of day was extremely light, which enabled him to continue on with the pursuit," said Chief Pomesky.

As police continued the chase, the driver, who was identified as William Wackerly, 73, took officers past his house.

"This gentleman, the way he was driving, had no regard for safety in our community, and those are the types of things that contribute to traffic fatalities, injuries and crashes," said Chief Pomesky. "Not only did he jeopardize himself, but he jeopardized the safety of our community."

Chief Pomesky says his department is very familiar with Wackerly from previous arrests, including one for breaking and entering and an arson case, where the police chief worked as a sergeant.

Just as officers appeared to lose sight of him, asking other drivers at an intersection where he went, Wackerly was found still sitting in his car at the drive-thru of a local bank.

"We obviously cited him for the speeding infraction. There were issues with him passing on the double yellow line. We have him for failing to comply with a lawful order or signal of a police officer, which is a felony, given the nature of the pursuit, the speed of the pursuit," said Chief Pomesky.

What was most unique, however, was Wackerly's explanation, according to officers.

"Out of all of this, the justification was that he was late for breakfast," said the police chief.

Wackerly was arrested and booked in the Stark County Jail on $25,000 bond. He was scheduled for arraignment in Massillon Municipal Court on Thursday on the felony charge.

It could have been handled a lot differently had he just pulled over for the officer enforcing traffic in the area," said Chief Pomesky.