Fans Stuck in Elevator After Browns Game

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CLEVELAND-- First, they dealt with the Browns losing their first game of the season; then, more than a dozen football fans endured a terrifying ordeal after the game.

They were stuck in a crowded elevator for more than an hour.

No one was hurt, but at least one woman said the situation became more uncomfortable as the minutes passed.

"I have always thought that when I get into elevators 'oh my gosh, how would I respond? How would I react?" Sarah Gross told FOX 8 from Pittsburgh.

Gross found out exactly how she would react to being stuck in an elevator, after the Browns game.

Gross said she and her boyfriend had parked on the sixth floor deck of the Penton Media Building on East 9th Street, along with other fans heading to FirstEnergy Stadium.

She told us by Facebook video chat that she had a weird feeling when she got on the elevator.

"We went up about a second and you just kind of heard this thud and it just stopped and I knew instantly," she said.

Gross sent us photos from inside the elevator. She said 14 people were crammed in the elevator, which had stopped between floors.

She said they tried to open the doors, then pressed the emergency button.

"A gentleman came over the speaker and said 'is there a problem?' and we said 'yeah, we're stuck,'" she recalled.

She said the people inside waited and waited and waited, not sure how long they had been stuck.

"A young boy standing next to me said 'yeah, I actually texted someone right as I walked in.' He said it's been about an hour since I sent that text," she said.

Gross said someone was able to crack the outside door, so they could see near the bottom of the elevator and they yelled into the lobby.

"A security guard was standing in front of the elevator and he came to the crack and said 'oh, we have it under control. We can't call 911. We have it under control,'" said Gross.

She said people were getting desperate. She was able to put her phone through the crack in the door to call for help.

"I said 'oh my gosh, I've got two bars!' Everyone was so excited and they were like call 911,” she added.

Gross said after more than an hour waiting for building maintenance, Cleveland firefighters got them out.

"We had to sit on the bottom of the elevator and jump out onto the floor," Gross said.

FOX 8 tried to contact someone from the Penton Media Building several times by phone and in person, but so far, we have not received a return call.

Sarah Gross said Cleveland firefighters did tell the people inside that the elevator probably got stuck because there were too many people inside of it.

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