Cleveland Officer Appeals Suspension Over Insubordination

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CLEVELAND– A city police officer is appealing a nine-day suspension he was given after Police Chief Michael McGrath found him guilty of insubordination.

Patrol Officer Aaron Petitt served the suspension in July.

However, Union President Jeff Follmer said the union is appealing the matter and is confident Petitt will win.

According to Petitt’s discipline letter, on March 30, he was given an order by his supervisor to return to his assigned detail on West 6th, and he failed to acknowledge the order.

Petitt had written a report saying he was responding to an off-duty officer’s request for help when he left his assigned area.

McGrath stated in the discipline letter that Petitt’s report was “insubordinate, disrespectful.”

The discipline letter further states that Petitt used sick leave the next day after he was informed of his assignment.