Ward 2 Reacts to Councilman Reed’s OVI Sentence

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CLEVELAND-- Residents living in Ward 2 of Cleveland agree their councilman, Zack Reed, has a problem with alcohol.

(Councilman Zack Reed responds after his sentencing on Sept. 5, 2013.)

(Councilman Zack Reed responds after his sentencing on Sept. 5, 2013.)

"Zack Reed has to do better than he is doing," said Ward 2 resident George Fields. "There are some things, he needs to sit down and think about you know before he reacts and as far as his drinking he needs to cut that out; you're a councilman."

On Thursday, Judge Larry Allen ordered Reed to serve time behind bars for his latest OVI arrest. In addition, to jail time, Reed faces a two-year driver's license suspension, an ignition interlock will be installed in his vehicle and he'll have to display yellow "party" plates on his vehicle indicating he is a DUI offender.

"He got what he deserved, you know? He has been messing up a few times and I know a couple of people who are going through the same thing that he is about to go through," said Tracey Merriweather, a Ward 2 resident.

"If he does something positive with it, then it is a fair sentence. He has to work on his demons," said Betty Wiley, who lives in Councilman Reed's ward.

This is Reed's third OVI arrest since 2005.

George Fields, a resident living in Reed's ward, said he forgives the councilman for his latest arrest and conviction.

"You have to forgive him. Everybody deserves forgiveness. It might be his third forgiveness, but he's a good guy," he said.

The residents we spoke to in Ward 2 said Reed is a great councilman, but his arrests and convictions are not in the best interest of the people he serves.

"He can't be an effective councilman. He has other things on his mind right now," said Wiley. "He should be down at city hall on the different committees that are making the cities better and instead he is sitting in the courtroom so he is wasting our taxpayer money."

On September 10, Reed will face three opponents in the primary to represent Ward 2.

Thursday's news may play a role in that election.

"It will hurt in the election but he is a good councilman for our community. He has done a lot of things in our community. He keeps the drugs out. He keeps the houses done; so he is a good dude," said Richelle Jones of Cleveland.

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