Motorcycle vs. Car Accident Ties Up Traffic For Hours on I-90

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CLEVELAND-- The Cleveland Division of Police Accident Investigation Unit is investigating an accident that tied up traffic for hours, Thursday morning.

Police said just after 6:15 a.m., the driver of a car stopped his car on Interstate 90 eastbound due to heavy merging traffic from Interstate 77.

That is when a motorcycle coming eastbound on 90 hit the car and the operator was thrown from the bike.

While emergency crews responded, the cars driving I-90 started to move left to avoid the accident scene.

That created a jam on I-90 that pushed back traffic on 77 and 71 for more than three hours after the accident was cleared up.

"I come in from Lakewood and it usually takes about 20 minutes. But this morning was a nightmare. Took an hour and twenty minutes," said Brian Johnson, a commuter.

"My buddy texted me and told me avoid 90 at all costs. So I went up Clifton and it was backed up. Usually takes me about 20 minutes and I was sitting there for a good 40 minutes," said Derek Bryan, a commuter.

The operator of the motorcycle was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center for treatment of his injuries, that included a fractured left leg.

The operator of the car was not injured.

Police said the male operating the motorcycle is a City of Cleveland EMS employee.