Kitten Thrown Out with Beer Cans Rescued

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(Annie Oakley/Courtesy: Portage APL)

(Annie Oakley/Courtesy: Portage APL)

(Annie Oakley/Courtesy: Portage APL)

RAVENNA, Ohio — The Portage APL is working to bring a kitten back to health after it was found on Labor Day inside a trash bag in the dumpster.

The animal was covered in beer and ticks and was thrown out among beer cans.

After examining the female kitten, the Portage APL determined she had a head tilt (possibly because of a neurological problem or abuse), plus fleas and tapeworms.

She was also emaciated, dehydrated and in general poor health.

The 8-week-old animal was given food, medicine and a name — Annie Oakley.

“We are not sure why someone would have thrown her out like garbage,” said Chalan Lowry, Executive Director of the Portage APL.  “But we are so thankful someone heard her cries. Her hours inside that bag were numbered.”

Annie Oakley will be cared for in foster care in the coming weeks and will eventually be available for adoption.

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