Akron-Canton Airport to be Included in TSA Pre-Check

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NORTH CANTON, Ohio-- It’s a new program that Akron-Canton Airport is proud to welcome, and one frequent flyers are sure to like.

"Some people really dread the security checkpoint; so this really takes the dread right out of it,” said Airport Spokesperson Kristi Van Auken.

She’s talking about TSA Pre-Check. CAK will soon be one of many to offer it.

"We feel confident that this system is going to be a great match and a real enhancement to the security experience,” said Van Auken.

Members will get to enjoy a lot of perks. They’ll no longer have to take off their shoes, light jackets, or belts. They won’t have to remove their laptops from their bags either; the same goes for gels and liquids.

Jeffrey Fisher and his wife, Heather, fly all the time from Akron-Canton. They said they’re looking forward to using the program.

"It sounds great. Any time you can get through the checkpoint quicker and with more efficiency. We're excited about it. And not removing shoes and belts, yeah, we're excited for it,” they said.

The program isn't only convenient, it's also very safe. That's because every flyer who signs up, is first checked and approved by the government.

"We know as an airport and as an aviation community that these travelers are very, very low risk and they deserve this expedited screening experience,” said Van Auken.

Only certain flyers can qualify. To learn more about the program, CLICK HERE.

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