Cameras Catch Fight Between Rival Gangs

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SANDUSKY, Ohio-- Surveillance cameras were rolling as a war of words between two rival gangs escalated into a riot inside a Sandusky apartment building.

Investigators said a group of 20 young men and juveniles from Sandusky stormed into the building, which  houses an unmanned police substation, to confront a dozen members of the rival gang from Detroit, and the fight was on with weapons like sticks and knives.

Eventually, the Detroit gang was able to drive the invading gang from the building, by among other things, firing a BB gun that struck two teens and shattered two glass doors.

Authorities said the two groups then began taunting each other with gang signs, and even though the leader of one of the gangs tried to hold members back, there were several more skirmishes.

The gang outside the building smashed out the front doors and the two sides began throwing glass and even frying pans at each other.

The combatants eventually fled the scene before police arrived.

Sandusky resident, Rudolph Baker, lives in a neighboring building and is disturbed by the brazen and senseless violence.

Baker told FOX 8, "I think it's plum crazy, really. I mean, what are they fighting about? What are they fighting for? I mean this is a residential area. People like to raise their kids and families. I mean this is Sandusky, man; this ain't Cleveland, Detroit."

Sandusky police said the fight is apparently part of an ongoing turf battle between the Sandusky and Detroit gangs.

Investigators said the Motor City gang is trying to take over the local drug trade.

After reviewing the video, police arrested 13 members of the Sandusky gang and are now trying to identify the members of the Detroit gang.

"Why don't they go somewhere else? What brought them here to Sandusky? I have no clue, but I wish they would go back where they came from," said Rudolph Baker. “Somebody must have told them there was some money here or something because Detroit is broke."